BedroomAccording to Feng Shui expert Jayme Barett, “The bed should be in the back corner of the room, diagonally opposite the door, make sure you have a solid headboard to protect your head. Avoid having your bed under a window, excessive energy may be draining out the window during the night.

Add a lamp that shines light towards the ceiling or a silk plant in the corner behind the bed to fill the empty space. If possible, try placing your bed so that your head points towards east when you lie down. The east energy is assoicated with the rising sun and brings health and harmony.

Do not place your bed next to the door because it does not allow you to easily view the door and potential visitors. Do not allow a mirror to reflect the bed. Do not put the door in direct line with the door, this allows enery in the hall to bustle down the hall and disturb your sleep. It may also cause energy to drain out the door.

Keep the bedding calming and neutral with a splash of red for passion in the bedroom. Use a new mattress every 8 years to ensure healthy energy flow while eliminating the negative impact of past illnesses, bad relationships or distress” –Feng Shui Your Life book.